Charity Video Challenge - Developing Social Proof And Trust

  • In October of 2019 an orphanage school around Kahama Shinyanga-Tanzania was the 1st charity project of digifampreneur. Teacher Suleiman reached out to me to ask for help and i started a charity video challenge to develop social proof for this small welfare organization. 
  • In November of 2019 second school project Lakeside souls nursery and primary school  in Uganda reached out to me to participate in 2nd charity video challenge. Teacher Atuheire wanted to show the work of this school project and their need for support for pretty cool projects. 
  • In December of 2019 Emmanuel asked for support for the project Norest Nursery & Primary School of his father Kaunda T. Vangamoi, a retired teacher with three decades of experience in secondary schools, in Tororo, Uganda. As a result of this 3rd challenge we developed a digital course "The Priniciples and Practice of Education" to fund his project by creating educational courses in a join venture.
  • In January of 2020 Gabriela Ziegler joined me and we made the 4th cvc as the first German speaking. we learned a lot more about the two projects  Hope & Future, she supports with a huge supporter circle from Germany and Poland. 

So, the hashtag #onthewayforsocialproofandtrust was born and shows all results of this type of support in social media management. Participants of the charity video challenges can prepare and learn about their further social media management in my free member's area

We are curious about the next charity video challenges and what we will learn about crowdfounding for tiny social projects. 


In case you want to apply your project also for a charity video challenge, please book a fitting initial onlinemeeting to clear all questions.